Cittadini in Crescita - Growing citizens

Growing citizens, a quarterly magazine, was developed to meet the need of a periodical magazine to inform and update on the emerging problems and initiatives taken by the institutions and the social private sector in this field. Addressing those who actively work as professionals or volunteers with children in our country, the magazine documents both the main activities carried out at a legislative, administrative and judicial level in the national and international area, and those undertaken by the civil society through the private social and voluntary organizations. The first section is dedicated to the in-depth analysis of emerging problems and provides proposals and contributions drafted by experts in the various sectors. The second part is made up of a collection of summary reports of initiatives, activities and debates on the topic of childhood and adolescence, undertaken and developed at an international and local level by different stakeholders: international bodies, the European Union, the Italian Parliament and Government, the Regions, the Judiciary, the private social sector, the media. The publication of the magazine stopped in 2016.