Growing citizens 2/10

The second issue of 2010, which is not monographic, contains interviews and analysis articles on current aspects concerning childhood and adolescence, as well as reports of projects and initiatives currently underway in Italy.  

Of particular interest are the editorial by Valerio Belotti of the University of Padua, concerning the issue of children and democracy, as well as the following articles: La screen generation: media, culture e compiti dell’educazione(The screen generation: media, cultures and the tasks of education) by Pier Cesare Rivoltella, Dare voce alle voci dei bambini. Pratiche e dilemmi, trappole e potenzialità nella ricerca sociale con i bambini(Giving voice to the voices of children. Practices and dilemmas, traps and opportunities in social research with children) by Allison James, and Rapporto tra generazioni e prospettive educative(Relationship between generations and educational prospects) by Pierpaolo Triani.
The interview by Adriana Ciampa and Valerio Belotti with the scholar Gøsta Esping-Andersen focuses on the importance of effective social policies revolving around the well-being of children and adolescents (starting from the eradication of child poverty in European countries). 

The issue also contains an interview with Edoardo Winspeare, director of the documentary Sotto il Celio azzurro, and, as usual, articles on notable initiatives, projects and events.

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