Growing citizens single issue 2015

copertina della rivista Cittadini in crescita numero unico 2015

The 2015 single issue of the magazine Cittadini in crescita opens with a focus on the relationships of friendship and affection that arise between children and adolescents.

The contributions of the In-depth section focus, for example, on the relational life of adolescents, on friendships with disabled children, on the emotional network of children outside their families of origin.

The interviews are dedicated, respectively, to the following topics: Parents and children in the experience of migration and Neutrality does not exist: gender studies and training of social workers.

The section On the side of “growing citizens” hosts contributions that address various topics and present investigations, documents, experiences and testimonies. In the Statistics and Surveys section, Francesca Corradini presents a research on children and adolescents removed from their family of origin in Emilia-Romagna.

The International section contains two articles: the first is dedicated to a research conducted in England by the Language Research Center of the University of Manchester, while the second describes the ways and styles of the emotional and sexual growth of new Spanish adolescents.

The magazine is available for free download.