Growing citizens 1/10

cover della rivista Cittadini in crescita nr 1 del 2010

Cittadini in crescita restarts with a new series and a new quarterly frequency. This first issue does not have a monographic character but offers a varied summary, with speeches and interviews, in-depth analysis on current issues concerning childhood and adolescence, and stories of projects and experiences underway in the area.

Of particular note are an interview with the Indian scientist and philosopher Vandana Shiva on the right to the present and the future; an intervention by Nigel Cantwell, an expert on policies for the protection and promotion of children's rights; an intervention by Valerio Belotti on the rights of the New York Convention as seen by children and one by university lecturer Maddalena Colombo on the open issues of the school insertion of minors of foreign origin.

In the central part, a focus by Adriana Ciampa on the National Conference on Childhood last November, an overview on child and adolescent welfare (early childhood education services and foster care). After the section dedicated to voices on the ground, a review of international and national initiatives and a regulatory review.

The magazine is available for free download.


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