Monitoring policies and services for children

The National Centre has as its fundamental mission the development and upkeep of a system of information, knowledge and practices to inform child policies. This is indeed a very concrete mandate whose core activity is the constant monitoring of their living conditions and the educational services designed for their care.

Over the years, this mission has been fulfilled with the support of a wide range of stakeholders, including the direct beneficiaries. The network of relations with institutional and civil society stakeholders has matured at international, national, regional and local level in an effort to pay attention to the phenomena  characterizing children’s lives , as well as the needs of institutions, administrations and operators working in this field.

The monitoring activity includes a periodic and systematic collection of significant data and information on the condition of children  and educational services that is based, from a methodological point of view, on an effective network of relationships with the subjects called upon to provide the periodic and planned information flows.