Report on the implementation of Law No. 269/1998

The periodic Report required by paragraph 1 of Article 17 of Law No. 269/1998 constitutes a useful basis for monitoring the implementation of the interventions, the progress made, but also the delays and inconsistencies existing in the fight against the various forms of child sexual exploitation and in combating all other forms of violence linked to it, that are part of children’s experience .
The Report is based, first of all, on a survey and collection of qualitative and quantitative information that the National Documentation and Analysis Centre for Children and Adolescents carries out specifically for this purpose by involving Regions, civil society, as well as ordinary and juvenile prosecutors' offices and courts, contacted in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice to carry out a specific survey on the application of procedural and trial rules for the hearing of child victims of sexual crimes. The results of the search activities are integrated with information collected by the National Centre as a result of other periodic surveys (e.g. the Report on the implementation of Law No.285/1997, or the Report on the implementation of Law No. 149/2001), and in the performance of its institutional activities of research, investigation, and documentation.