Monitoring Law No. 285/1997

The analysis and monitoring activity on Law No. 285/1997 aims to explore and interpret the trends in the planning of policies and actions for children and to evaluate the projects and their implementation processes  at the local level. The results of the activity, together with the information base deriving from the documentary database of the projects and other in-depth studies, form the core contents of the annual reports to the Parliament on the implementation of the law.

In addition to the description of the projects in terms of quality and content, the report also includes a quantitative monitoring of the data sent by the Cities. Starting from the 2011 report, the statistical analysis has been dedicated to the development of specific indicators aimed at measuring the context in which children live and their level of well-being. This is a survey tool that makes it possible to adapt the survey on the well-being and context indicators carried out at national level to the metropolitan municipalities (see Notebook 51 - L’italia minore).

Another focus is related to the local planning. Taking into account the regulatory changes of the last years, the current interest is to investigate the methods and contents through which the various administrations plan actions for  children at the local level compared with the regional level.  The research questions are therefore: how children are perceived and how they live in each city? What are the policies addressing them? What are the activities promoted within the framework of Law No. 285/1997?  In addition, the report describes the ongoing experimental activities as well as the activities of the Coordination Committee.