Notebook 62 - Projects in 2014

copertina del Quaderno 62 - Relazione sullo stato di attuazione della L. 285 anno 2014

The Report to Parliament on the state of implementation of Law 285/1997 for the year 2014, published in Notebook 62 of the National Centre, is divided into three chapters.
The first presents an analysis of the projects implemented by the fifteen cities with the financial resources of the fund set up by Law 285, made available for 2014.
The second is dedicated to two thematic in-depth studies aimed respectively at: the indicators used to narrate the living conditions and well-being of children and young people in the riservatarie cities; the main cost centres for the care of children and young people in family foster care and in residential services in the same cities.
The third chapter provides an account of the results of two experimental projects financed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies and involving riservatarie cities: Pippi and R.S.C.

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