Statistics and data on children

Over the years, the National Centre has developed a systematic activity of collection of data from official statistical sources both at the national and European level in order to have a clear picture of the existing information while ensuring a consistent approach to the topic and offering the most comprehensive overview of data on children.
The initial difficulties were mainly linked to the fact that children have long been invisible subjects from a statistical point of view. More recently, this lack seems to be progressively filled by the official statistical production, which today avoids relegating children to strictly demographic and family phenomena.
For each of the identified statistical sources, the published primary data is selected, while the information is processed and archived in the form of statistical tables and indicators are defined and constructed to provide lines of interpretation of the phenomenon under examination. 
Such data are divided into two main groups: 

The Italian data   
The European data 

The data is periodically updated according to the availability of new statistical information for each topic and is available for consultation on the website, besides being published in the Quaderni del Centro (Notebooks of the Centre) series.