Monitoring of family policies

The Department for Family Policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers has always worked in synergy with the Regions, for the promotion and implementation of, policies for families and children that have been closely monitored over time. In 2016, a monitoring process has been launched, which enabled the drafting of reports on the actions promoted by the Regions and Municipalities for families and children, as well as the creation of a database on good local practices on family policies.

Two are the monitoring lines: the monitoring of family policies in the Regions and Autonomous Provinces; the monitoring of actions and services for families promoted by the Municipalities.

The data emerged from the two monitoring activities is used to feed the "Database on good local practices on family policies”,  which offers basic statistical indications (number of births, total population, population aged 0-17, number of families and average number of members per family), a description of the project lines funded by the Regions and a description of the projects promoted by the Municipalities. It is a navigable map enabling the consultation of the projects promoted by the different territories.