The National Observatory on the Family is re-established

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immagine di genitori che giocano con il figlio per evocare il temi che riguardano le famiglie al centro della riunione di insediamento del nuovo Osservatorio nazionale sulla famiglia

On 13 June, the inaugural meeting of the new National Observatory on the Family, a technical-scientific support body for the formulation of national family policies set up at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, was held.

The Minister for the Family, Birth Rates, and Equal Opportunities, Eugenia Roccella – who chaired the meeting – outlined the priorities for action to restore the central role of the family: the promotion of corporate welfare, the development of networks between Third Sector entities, and the optimisation of the many positive experiences already in place in our country.

"The Observatory", reads the Department's website, "will work over the next three years on the basis of the actions contained in the National Plan for the Family, adopted in 2022, identifying the priorities on which to act".

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