The online campaign video on the Single and universal child benefit

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The campaign video on the Single and Universal Benefit for Dependent Children is now online on the Department for Family Policies' website. It briefly illustrates the main points of the new measure for families in simple and clear language. The video's tagline is Your children, our future.

The benefit - provided for by the enabling act no. 46 of 1 April 2021, established by legislative decree no. 230 of 21 December 2021 and entered into force on 1 January 2022 - is granted to all households, regardless of their economic situation, for new borns from the seventh month of pregnancy and for each dependent child until the age of 21. Legislative Decree 230/2021 provides for the reorganisation and simplification of the economic benefits for families with dependent children currently in force, redefining family and birth support policies.

The campaign has several objectives, among them are informing Italian families about the introduction of the allowance and the changes in the support measures for families with dependent children or unborn children, highlighting that the current measures, such as the Family Allowance (Anf) and some tax deductions, will be completely replaced by the Single and Universal Benefit; informing citizens about the necessary steps and the relevant dates; clarifying that the application for the allowance must be submitted to the Inps or to welfare institutions as of 1 January 2022, and that the Isee certification can be submitted to obtain the amount proportionate to the economic situation.

The video and information on the campaign can be found on the dedicated page, while all the information on the Single and Universal Benefit for Dependent Children can be found, also on the Department's website, in the dedicated section.

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