Teenagers and lifestyles: thematic path

Adolescence and lifestyles are the themes of the online supplement to Rassegna bibliografica 1/2014. Elena Marta, Lecturer in Social Psychology and Community Psychology, and Sara Alfieri, Research Fellow in Social Psychology at the Catholic University of Milan, explore the topic in four sections. The first section offers a definition of adolescence and adolescents' developmental processes with particular reference to identity development; the second section is devoted to the contexts in which adolescents grow up: family, school, peer groups, virtual environments and media; the third section is devoted to certain crucial aspects of this phase of the life cycle: adolescents' lifestyles and their normative/moral and religious development.

The filmographic journey, curated by Marco Della Gassa, starts with an analysis of overseas films on adolescence in the context of family relations and the world of school (especially in relation to the teaching staff), and then dwells on European and Italian cinema that, more than Hollywood, is oriented towards representing adolescence in the civil and religious spheres. I sognatori (2003) by Bernardo Bertolucci; Mio fratello è figlio unico (2007) by Daniele Luchetti; Carlo Giuliani, ragazzo (2002) by Francesca Comencini are some of the titles proposed and commented on.

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