Bibliographic review on childhood and adolescence 4/09 - New media

I nuovi media

Growing up with the new media, the thematic path of Rassegna bibliografica 4/2009 leads us through the opportunities and risks of digital environments for younger users and tries to clarify how identity and socialisation processes change in relation to new technologies. The authors of the reading path - Piermarco Aroldi and Barbara Gasparini - outline the media context that has been profoundly modified by the advent of digital technology and, in particular, of the Internet and mobile phones.

Fabrizio Colamartino and Marco Dalla Gassa investigate how the role of the cinema spectator has changed, with particular attention to the younger generations, infinitely more receptive than adults to the stimuli of a real digital "breeding ground". The balance is provisional and open to a series of rapidly evolving scenarios, in line with a "videogame" universe that does not allow itself to be boxed in by insufficient definitions...