Rassegna bibliografica 3/2009 - Poverty and social exclusion

The bibliographic review of this issue deals with poverty of children and adolescents. The author, the sociologist Anna Laura Zanatta, introduces the topic starting from the definition of the concept of poverty as a complex, multi-dimensional phenomenon. This notion is linked to the one of social exclusion, which has been introduced recently and which is now considered a guiding principle for the study of the cases of deprivation and for the elaboration of social policies at a national and at a European level.

The article examines the phenomenon at an international level and it identifies the factors which cause it or which can reduce it (the characteristics of the family, the inclusion of parents in the job market, the effectiveness of public measures).

Fabrizio Colamartino’s filmography review focuses on how films portray families who are in an intermediate condition between well-being and poverty.

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