Bibliographic review on childhood and adolescence 3/09 - Poverty and social exclusion

copertina della Rassegna bibliografica 3/2009 - Povertà ed esclusione sociale

The reading path of number 3 of Rassegna bibliografica deals with the theme of child and adolescent poverty. The author, Anna Laura Zanatta, a sociologist, introduces the theme starting from the definition of the concept of poverty as a complex and multidimensional phenomenon, linked to that of social exclusion. The reading path frames the phenomenon in an international context and identifies the factors that determine it or can counter it (family characteristics, parents' participation in the labour market, the effectiveness of public intervention).

The filmography, curated by Fabrizio Colamartino, attempts to analyse how the cinema has represented the condition of families hovering between prosperity and poverty. In particular, Italian cinema has often denounced changes in the world of work and in the universe of the family in recent decades with very interesting works of fiction, alongside which there have been a series of documentaries on the theme of job insecurity filmed in the last five years that stand out for their originality.