Bibliographic review on childhood and adolescence 2/07 - Self-help groups

The reading path of this issue of Rassegna bibliografica is dedicated to the theme of self-help groups, tracing their origins, definitions and characteristics, typologies, and ending with a special look at the Italian situation. It was only at the end of the 1990s that the first survey on the diffusion of self-help in our country was carried out by the Fondazione Istituto Andrea Devoto on behalf of the Department of Social Affairs. A census of 1603 self-help groups was carried out, mainly in Northern Italy and particularly in urban areas.

The last monitoring conducted in 2006 showed an increase in areas where self-help was less widespread: bereavement, organic pathologies, new addictions (pornography addiction, Internet addiction), situations linked to the life cycle (menopause, pregnancy), discomfort linked to parenthood and a higher percentage in southern Italy and in island areas.

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