Bibliographic review on childhood and adolescence 1/08 - Nurseries and childcare services

copertina della Rassegna bibliografica 1/2008 - Nidi e servizi per l'infanzia

Nurseries and educational services for children is the subject of the thematic path that opens Rassegna bibliografica 1/2008, the first issue of the new series. The fresh look, requested by the technical-scientific committee of the National Centre, expands the review with new sections and reading proposals including a filmographic path and an international focus, as well as "grey" material from various institutional sources.

In this thematic path, Enzo Catarsi, Director of the Department of Educational Sciences and Cultural and Formative Processes at the University of Florence, outlines the framework of the educational offer aimed at early childhood based on a historical retrospective of the establishment of preschool services in Italy. The issues addressed are quality of service, the role of educators and pedagogical coordinators, the relationship between preschool services and parents and new types of supplementary services.

The filmographic journey, curated by film critic Fabrizio Colamartino, recounts the first experiences of childhood sociality and the educational teacher-pupil relationship by analysing some films.

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