Growing citizens 1/10

Cittadini in crescita resumes with a new series, coming out every three months. The first issue is not monographic and it contains interviews and analysis articles on current aspects concerning childhood and adolescence, as well as reports of projects and initiatives currently underway in Italy.  

Of particular interest are an interview with the Indian scientist and philosopher Vandana Shiva, concerning the right to present and future, an article by Nigel Cantwell, expert on policies for the protection and promotion of children’s rights, a column by Valerio Belotti on the point of view of children on the rights established in the CRC, and an article by the University Professor Maddalena Colombo on the open issues of the school integration of foreign children. The central section of the issue includes an analysis by Adriana Ciampa of the National Conference on Childhood of last November, and an overview of welfare services for children and adolescents (early childhood education services and foster care). After the section dedicated to local activities and projects, the issue ends with an overview of national and international initiatives and with a legislative overview.

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