Stop cyberbullying, Family Department campaign

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Cyberbullying, if you talk about it you'll get help, is the claim of the third edition of the communication campaign launched on 30 January and carried out by the Department for Family Policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers with the technical support of the Istituto degli Innocenti.

The aim is to raise awareness among children, adolescents and families about the phenomenon of cyberbullying, informing them about the consequences that can affect their relationships, emotions and social behaviour, whether they are victims, witnesses or perpetrators of online bullying. The campaign also aims to raise awareness of the risks of using digital technologies, which, especially in recent years, have invaded a large part of young people's daily lives.

The initiative involved the production of a short video clip depicting moments in the daily lives of children and adolescents where incidents of online bullying and humiliation occur, focusing in particular on communication by mobile phones. The narrator urges children in similar situations to talk about their experiences with friends, family, peers and adults so that they can share them. The clip mentions the fact that digital violence and certain online behaviours can be punishable under criminal law.

The campaign - provided for by Law 71/2017 (Provisions for the safeguarding of children for the prevention and combating of the phenomenon of cyberbullying) and broadcast on Rai networks and social media - is carried out in collaboration with the Communications Guarantee Authority (Agcom) and the Ministry of Education.

The clip and information on the initiative are available on the Department for Family Policies website, on the dedicated page.

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