Parental control, communication and information campaign by the Department for Family Policies

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ragazzo che ascolta la musica nello spot della campagna sul parental control progettata dal Dipartimento per le politiche della famiglia e realizzata in collaborazione con il Dipartimento per l’informazione e l’editoria

There is a parental control tool available to parents to protect their children from inappropriate online content, according by the new communication and information campaign designed by the Department for Family Policies and carried out in cooperation with the Department for Information and Publishing.

Parental control. Protect your children's world is the claim of the campaign, chosen to emphasize the importance of making the digital environment safe for children and young people to navigate, guaranteeing an age-appropriate online experience for minors.

«The initiative – reads the Department's website – aims to inform parents, accompanying adults and families, about the parental control tools available to protect the youngest, alongside the possibility of activating them free of charge, on all technological devices with Internet access, by contacting providers of electronic communication services. Parental control, in addition to content filtering by parents, allows parents to set the length of time of use of the various electronic devices in order to avoid overexposure of children to screens».

The campaign was launched on 28 December 2023 on Rai TV and radio networks, and will also be broadcast on the main social media, in particular Instagram and Facebook, as of 8 January 2024.

The spot is available on the website of the Department for Family Policies, in the dedicated news item.

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