The Save the Children report on the impact of poverty and the climate crisis on children

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Poverty and the climate crisis affect millions of children worldwide.

This is the highly topical theme at the centre of Save the Children's new report Generation Hope: 2.4 billion reasons to end the global climate crisis and inequality, a snapshot of the consequences of the two phenomena on the youngest children from which it emerges that 80% of children in the world are affected by at least one extreme weather event each year.

Some are particularly at risk because they also face poverty and, consequently, have a reduced capacity to protect themselves and recover.

The survey reveals that some 774 million children globally are experiencing the effects of the dual impacts of poverty and high climate risk: across the globe, inequalities are compounding the climate emergency and its effects, particularly for girls, children and low-income families. The country with the highest percentage of children affected by this twin risk is South Sudan, with 87%, followed by the Central African Republic (85%) and Mozambique (80%).

India has the highest total number of children who live in poverty and are burdened by the climate crisis (223 million), followed by Nigeria (58 million) and Ethiopia (36 million).
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