The Frontier of Rights, Unicef’s report on migrant and refugee children

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copertina del rapporto Unicef La frontiera dei diritti

The Frontier of Rights is Unicef's new report on under-18 migrants and refugees, an overview of unaccompanied foreign minors in Italy and the main landing and transit sites where the organization is active, from the southern to the northern borders of the country.

The first part of the publication offers a summary of data concerning adolescents and young migrants and refugees who have arrived in Italy and have been welcomed in the country.

This is followed by an in-depth focus on the different contexts in which Unicef works with its partners and how the emergency response has adapted to the changing scenario.

The report – implemented within the framework of the Protect project, funded by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs (HOME) - also offers two overviews on two territories where the organization operates.

One concerns the southern border (Sicily, Calabria and Apulia), while the other one focuses on northern border and in particular to Ventimiglia, one of the main transit points to Northern Europe.

The publication is available on the Unicef website, in the dedicated news item.

Other materials and news can be found on this site under the topic, Unaccompanied foreign children, accessible from the "Topics" navigation menu.