Impact of the pandemic on birth rate and new generations, second report

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Particolare della copertina del Rapporto sull'impatto della pandemia

The publication The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on birth rates and the condition of new generations, the second report of the Expert Group "Demography and Covid-19," established in April 2020 by Minister for Equal Opportunities and Family Elena Bonetti with the aim of monitoring and analyzing the impact of the health crisis on Italian demography, with particular regard to the consequences on births, the realization of life plans by young people and the well-being condition of families with minors, is online on the website of the Department for Family Policies.

The first report, published at the end of 2020, highlighted the strong dynamism in terms of research and analysis (both in Italy and abroad) related to the impact of the pandemic on families, new generations, the work-life balance, and material and psychological dimensions. "The first evidence that emerged," reads the second report, "showed the prevalence of a combination of difficulty and uncertainty that led to weakening binding and challenging choices for the future, particularly that of having a child.

The second report allows for a comprehensive review of the year 2020 and an initial assessment of 2021, based on three types of information: official data; analysis carried out directly on statistical surveys; and evidence from a review of key national and international research works. "One finds, on the whole, a confirmation of the negative impact on the condition of young people and on births that is likely to further exacerbate imbalances and inequalities."

The publication is available on the Department of Family Policy website in the dedicated news item.

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