National Observatory on Childhood and Adolescence

The National Observatory on Childhood and Adolescence coordinates the activities of the central administration, of Regions, local authorities, associations, professional organizations and NGOs focusing on children.

History and role

Together with the Parliamentary Committee on Childhood and Adolescence, the National Observatory was set up by Law no. 451/1997. It is now regulated by Presidential Decree no. 103 of 14 May 2007, which establishes that the Observatory is chaired jointly by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy and by the Minister with responsibility for Family Policies.

The members of the Observatory are representatives of national and local administrations, institutions and associations, voluntary and third sector organizations, experts in childhood and adolescence. The activities of the Observatory are organized in plenary sessions and in working groups focusing on specific topics.

The National Observatory has the task of drawing up official documents concerning childhood and adolescence.

As laid down by Presidential Decree no. 103/2007, the National Observatory carries out its activities through the National Documentation and Analysis Centre for Childhood and Adolescence.

Visit the page of the National Observatory on Childhood and Adolescence on the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.