Care Leavers experiment: second year report

cover del report sperimentazione care leavers seconda annualità

Care Leavers experiment Report - second year, January 2022

The aim of the Care Leavers project is to support young adults who have been placed in the community or in foster care towards self-sufficiency by creating the necessary supports to allow them to gradually build a future and to guarantee an individualised and shared planning that supports them in the crucial transition phase from the care and protection system (communities for children and/or foster families) towards independent life.

The Report describes the activities carried out during 2021, continuing the first edition.
In the second year, activities have continued with the areas involving the beneficiaries of the first wave - some of whom have completed their individual pathways - and the second wave, and activities with the third wave have started in most territories.

The project is promoted by the Directorate General for Poverty Alleviation and Social Planning of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies. Technical Assistance, using resources from the NOP Inclusion ESF 2014-2020, is implemented by the Istituto degli Innocenti.