Bibliographic review on childhood and adolescence 3/11 - Community educator

The role of the educator  in communities for minors is the theme of the Rassegna bibliografica 3/2011 written by Monica Pedrazza, Associate Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Verona. The contribution reconstructs the educator's training path from the 1940s and 1950s to the present day, highlighting the change in relation to the transition from a welfarist and custodialist conception of social services to one of social promotion, prevention, and integration.

The filmographic journey, curated by Fabrizio Colamartino, ranges from the figures of institutional educators (social workers, teachers, religious) to the decidedly anomalous figures of “improvised” educators, individuals who are forced by chance or necessity to look after children and adolescents in trouble. In this way, it emerges how the educational relationship is almost never univocal, but rather based on a mutual exchange that the film story helps to emphasise.


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