Rassegna bibliografica 1/2010 - Foreign pupils in Italy

In this issue, the bibliographic review by Maddalena Colombo (Professor of Sociology of Cultural and Communication Processes) focuses on the presence of foreign pupils in Italy in the various types of schools, from pre-school to high school. Even if it is difficult to analyse this complex and constantly evolving phenomenon, many studies – especially at a local level – have investigated the problems of foreign pupils, whose number has considerably increased in the last fifteen years.

Primary and middle schools have the highest incidence of foreign pupils, but also of episodes of intolerance, which can be ascribed to attitudes of ethnic/group identification that are typical of adolescence. 

The filmography review by Fabrizio Colamartino focuses on the documentaries which have been shot since the early Nineties on the issue of the school integration of young immigrants.

As usual, the issue of Rassegna bibliografica ends with a large selection of Italian and international texts, ordered according to a specific classification system.

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