Notebook 50 - Building sense, negotiating spaces

Costruire senso, negoziare spazi - Ragazze e ragazzi nella vita quotidiana (Building sense, negotiating spaces - Adolescents in daily life) is the title of Quaderno n. 50 of the National Centre. The publication presents the results of a national survey on the participation of preadolescents and adolescents in family, school, community and social life in their daily activities. The collected data are analysed by Valerio Belotti in the first part of the volume.

In the second part of the Quaderno, titled La partecipazione e le sue pratiche nelle scuole e nelle comunità locali (Child participation and relevant practices in schools and in local communities), Roberta Bosisio analyses “the initiatives promoted in the school and community settings in favour of the school and social participation of adolescents”. The initiatives were collected by involving the headmasters of the sampled schools and the respective Municipal administrations. The volume is integrated by two appendices: the first one, by Chiara Barlucchi, describes the planning, the methodology and the development over time of the research; the second one, by Roberto Ricciotti, is a graph summarizing the replies to the questions contained in the questionnaire.

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