Promoting the skills of young people

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copertina dell'inquadramento normativo sulla promozione delle capacità dei

Promoting the skills of young people to encourage their independence: a legal framework

As of 2014, the 15th of July has been recognised as World Youth Skills Day.

By doing so, the UN General Assembly aimed to emphasise the strategic importance of equipping young people with skills, with a view, amongst other things, to future employment and meaningful work.

Since then, these events have provided a window for interaction with local institutions and organisations.

To support young people around the world by supporting them in developing their skills and competencies, in September 2018, the UN Secretary-General launched a new strategy called Youth 2030: the United Nations Youth Strategy, in which he called on Member States to invest in activities designed to empower young people at a national level and challenged businesses to provide them with new and appealing opportunities that would enable them to acquire innovative and competitive skills.


The main national and European legislation on the Promoting the skills of young people to encourage their independence is attached.