National Plan for the Family

cover del Piano nazionale per la famiglia 2022

The new National Plan for the Family is a strategic document that defines the priorities, objectives, and actions to be promoted for the improved organisation of family policies in our country.

Approved on 10 August 2022 by the National Observatory on the Family, the Plan is the result of a coordinated and participatory process that involved all actors and entities from the public and private sectors, civil society and the third sector.

The Plan is structured according to a dynamic model inspired by the life cycle of families, in order to provide a framework of objectives and actions organised in an effective and coherent way, and is divided into four macro areas:

  • developing adults, with interventions in the areas of employment, vocational training, youth autonomy, housing policies and combating stereotypes;
  • generativity and parenthood, with interventions related to increasing the supply of educational services for children and services for balancing family and work life, for sharing co-responsibility in care burdens, as well as those interventions aimed at developing a more balanced welfare and supporting foster and adoptive families;
  • family dynamics, with interventions related to the family context and dynamics, to supporting family stability in situations of vulnerability or conflict, to preventing and combating domestic violence, including through the improvement of family centres;
  • older members of the family, with interventions to promote active ageing in order to foster positive interaction between generations and a fairer distribution of resources.
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