2002-2004 National Action Plan

With the National Action Plan for the protection of the rights and the development of children and adolescents 2002-2004, the Government confirms the attention to children and adolescents as the starting point of every political project aimed at developing the "social ”With a view to evolution, programmed on cultural and customs changes.

It is the second National Plan since the Law No. 451 of 23 December 1997 - "Establishment of the Parliamentary Commission for Childhood and of the National Observatory for Childhood" .

The strategic lines and priorities identified by the Government in this Plan derive both from the work carried out in recent months by the National Observatory for Children and Adolescents, and from the verification of the actions and initiatives carried out in the period June 2000-June 2002 carried out by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies in collaboration with the National Center for Documentation and Analysis on Childhood and Adolescence and with all the Public Administrations involved in "child-friendly policies".

The Plan was approved by decree of the President of the Republic of 2 July 2003 and published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale (Official Gazette) of 31 October 2003, No. 254.

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