2000-2001 National Action Plan

The 2000-2001 National Action Plan contains the basic strategic lines that the Government intends to pursue to develop an adequate policy for childhood and adolescence and concrete commitments, which are added to the programs, to be carried out, contained in the previous Plan of 1996.

It is foreseen the elaboration of legislative reform proposals, aimed at making the national legal order more coherent with the Convention on the rights of the child of 1989.

There are also commitments for interventions aimed at improving the living conditions of minors and adolescents, to protect minors who are victims of abuse and sexual exploitation, to combat the exploitation of children at work, to foster an educational relationship with the world of social communications.

Particular attention will be given to interventions for the protection and integration of foreign children, including support for children in difficulty in other countries around the world, and the implementation of legislation on international adoptions.

The Plan was approved on June 13, 2000 by decree of the President of the Republic and published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale (Official Gazette)  21 August 2000, No. 194.


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