The phenomenon of cyberbullying: thematic path

The phenomenon of cyberbullying is the topic discussed in the online supplement to Rassegna bibliografica 4/2013.

Antonella Brighi, Sandra Maria Elena Nicoletti - Lecturers at the Department of Educational Sciences, University of Bologna - and Annalisa Guarini - Lecturer at the Department of Psychology, University of Bologna - address the issue by analysing the existing literature (mainly in English) since the 2000s, when studies on bullying started to address the emerging issue of cyberbullying.

Marco Dalla Gassa's filmography shows how, with regard to the specific theme of cyberbullying, the medium of film has underestimated the phenomenon, focusing more on aspects of internet addiction than on those linked to the complex methods of online aggression. We therefore describe the few films produced in recent years in which the phenomenon of cyberbullying is central both thematically and in terms of representation: Chatroom, by Hideo Nakata (UK, 2010); Cyberbully, by Charles Binamè (USA, 2011) and Disconnect, by Henry-Alex Rubin (USA, 2012).

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