Contemporary adoption challenges

cover dell'approfondimento giurisprudenziale su Le sfide contemporanee dell’adozione

Contemporary adoption challenges. The evolution of the institution of adoption in the light of recent European and national court rulings.

Stemming from the recent judgment of the European Court of Human Rights of 22 June 2023, Modanese and Others v. Italy, there may be a reflection on the evolution of the legal institution of adoption especially for the cases of Italian citizens who travel to other countries to have children by resorting to surrogate motherhood, thus taking advantage of a practice prohibited by Italian law.

This is a highly topical issue, especially in the Italian legislative panorama, since heterosexual and homosexual couples are increasingly submitting requests for the transcription of deeds from foreign countries, where they have been recognized as parents of a child, in the country in which they have resorted to surrogation, even without having any genetic-biological link with the child.

An in-depth study of the case law the topic of Contemporary adoption challenges.