The integrated system of education services 0-6: thematic path

The thematic path that evolves online in the new supplement to Rassegna bibliografica 3/2016 addresses the issue of the integrated education and training system from birth to 6 years. In the reading path, Arianna Pucci, Pedagogist, reiterates the importance of investing in services for children given that fundamental practices for the balanced development of children, which are able to promote lifelong learning and contrast situations of social inequality or marginalisation, are increasingly reiterated in international documents.

The filmographic path, by Marco Dalla Gassa, proposes a synthetic and reasoned overview of the interventions carried out in our country by the educational services in the field of film promotion aimed at children, in order to narrate a series of good practices and positive actions. The most important example among the film events realised or supported by the services is the Sottodiciotto Film Festival & Campus in Turin, financed mainly by the Educational Services of the City of Turin.

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