Growing towards autonomy, a guide for young care leavers

copertina della Guida per i giovani care leavers

Growing towards autonomy, and an easy-to-read publication illustrating the national Care Leavers project -  Experimentation of interventions in favour of those who, on reaching adulthood, live outside their family of origin on the basis of a court order.

The project, promoted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies and carried out in collaboration with Istituto degli Innocenti, aims to help young adults who have been placed in the community or in foster care (so-called care leavers) to become independent by creating the necessary support to enable them to gradually build a future for themselves and to guarantee individualised and participatory planning that supports them in the delicate phase of transition from the care and protection system (communities for minors and/or foster families) to independent living.

The guide explains what the project consists of, what the functions of the autonomy tutor and the multidisciplinary teams for the experiment are, what the Autonomy Grant established by the Care Leavers Fund is, and what participatory bodies are envisaged by the project (group activities and Youth Conference).