Educational poverty: thematic path

The theme of educational poverty is at the heart of the in-depth thematic path of the Rassegna bibliografica supplement 2/2018. Experts from Save the Children, Antonella Inverno and Arianna Saulini, highlight how more than 26 million children in Europe are at risk of poverty and social exclusion. The factors that influence the risk of child poverty are numerous (family composition, household work intensity, the educational qualification or professional position of the head of the family, the foreign origin of the parents...), but at the root of the phenomenon there is inequality: the richest 10% of families in Europe earn 31% of the total income and own more than 50% of the total wealth.

The filmography by Annamaria Poli, Professor of Cinema and Visual Arts at the University of Milan-Bicocca, offers an analysis of some films that depict the educational poverty both of people living in conditions of severe economic hardship and of individuals characterised by emotional aridity, meanness and consequently by educational inadequacy. The contribution deals with: educational poverty in literary cinema (e.g. the various film versions of Oliver Twist); educational poverty and the cinema of Italian neo-realism; educational poverty and the cinema of emerging countries (a reflection on the genre of the docufilm by directors from Africa, the Middle and Far East and Latin America).

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