Democracy and participation

Cover Focus Democrazia e partecipazione

Participation of children and young people in the democratic life

The concept of participation has changed over time, undergoing a real evolution which makes it possible, today, to identify this practice with a continuous process that allows an exchange of information and experiences, based on mutual listening and sharing between adults and children.

Useful indications for guaranteeing the involvement and participation of children and young people are contained in General Comment No. 12 in which the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child emphasized that the right to participation - which is developed in different spheres and in different forms, from the family to school, from play to sports and recreational activities, from prevention to correction techniques - is distinct from, and at the same time has inherent in it, the right to be heard, and both must be guaranteed, without distinction, to all children and young people, eliminating any obstacles that prevent their concrete application.

Attached is a legislative overview on the topic of Participation of children and young people in the democratic life.