Rassegna Bibliografica 4/2011 - Adolescents writing about themselves

In this issue of Rassegna bibliografica, the bibliographic review by Duccio Demetrio focuses on the fundamental role which writing about oneself can have during adolescence. This may be done in the more “traditional”forms, in institutional and regulated contexts, such as school, and in more spontaneous forms, such as the ones of online writing. Indeed, it must be acknowledged that, despite the general tendency to a sort of grammatical anarchy, online writing encourages adolescents to reflect upon themselves, the world and their relationship with it.

After an introduction dedicated to the films which, at least in their external forms, represent an autobiographical narration, the filmography review analyses the relationship between cinema and writing. The second part of the article explores the “hybrid”areas at the borders between professional and amateur cinema, private life and work, desire for privacy and push towards socialization, drive towards experimentation and analysis of daily life: these areas represent indeed a fertile ground for autobiographical writing in the form of documentary.

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