Rassegna bibliografica 1/2009 - Clowns in hospitals

Marco Mannucci, PhD in Pedagogy at the University of Florence, wrote the bibliographic review of this issue focusing on the role of clowns in hospitals. Mannucci gives an overview of international programmes of clown therapy, starting from the American physician Patch Adams, the precursor of a different approach to the care of the sick, to continue with the projects implemented by Italian associations. At the end of the article there are an in-depth analysis of the figure of the clown, an accurate bibliography and a list of websites.

The filmography review focuses on the directors who have put clowns at the centre of their imagery, as well as on the comedians who have updated the characteristics of clowns through their own interpretations.

Also this issue contains a lot of reading recommendations, which are ordered according to a specific classification system: the texts have been selected among the main Italian and international publications and the grey literature produced by institutions such as Regions, Provinces and Municipalities. 

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