Italian National Childhood and Adolescence Documentation and Analysis Centre

As laid down by Law no. 451/1997 and by Presidential Decree no. 103/2007, the National Centre is the body through which the National Observatory on Childhood and Adolescence performs its functions. According to Law no. 285/1997, the National Centre shall help the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy achieve the objectives of the law by providing information, services for the promotion of children’s rights, advice, monitoring activities and technical support. The National Centre is also in charge of the technical and organizational aspects of the National Conference on Childhood and Adolescence, which, pursuant to Law no. 285, shall take place every three years.

The National Centre collaborates, exchanges information and carries out joint research projects with the following institutions: Regions and Autonomous Provinces, ISTAT (National Statistics Institute), public administrations and competent bodies dealing with children’s issues, institutes and associations working for the protection and development of children and adolescents, European and international bodies, in particular the UNICEF Office of Research.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Department for Family Policies of the Prime Minister’s Office have signed a specific agreement with the Istituto degli Innocenti of Florence to carry out the activities of the National Centre.

The tasks of the National Centre are to support and to promote the spreading of information, knowledge, innovation and the implementation of policies in favour of younger citizens, mainly through documentation, analysis, research and monitoring, information, education and training activities.