Area 285

This area contains all the information and materials concerning the activities assigned to the National Centre that are funded through Law no. 285.

The Law no. 285 of 28 August 1997, Provisions for the promotion of rights and opportunities for children and adolescents created a special national fund to finance measures in favour of children and adolescents promoted by the local administrations. Today these resources are allocated to 15 different Cities, which are bound to use them for the purposes established by the Law. One of the instruments developed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy for the experimentation of Law no. 285 is the Coordination Table between the Ministry itself, the Beneficiary Cities and the Database of projects. 

The National Documentation and Analysis Centre for Childhood and Adolescence was given the task of supporting the local institutions in monitoring projects, in exchanging experiences and in organizing training initiatives aimed at improving childhood policies. In the framework of an annual activity plan funded through Law no. 285, the National Centre helps to implement and improve the tools created by the Government for the periodical elaboration of the Report on the state of implementation of Law no. 285.